Whether for operating manuals, installation manuals or service manuals, whether they are available as printed manuals, on mobile terminals or as on-line help or animations: Here you will find descriptions of our most important services for your technical documentation.

Pump Competence Center

Purchasing decisions for pumps are not made based on the operating instructions. Pumps must fulfill a technical purpose defined in detail. Then requirements on cost effectiveness and serviceability are decisive.

The standard EN 809 has already specified narrow boundaries for the contents of the operating instructions for centrifugal pumps. The standard also provides orientation for additional pump types. Together with two renowned pump manufacturers (Allweiler and Munsch), we have realized the idea of preparing operating instructions not for individual manufacturers, but for the pump industry as a whole. All information that is not pump-specific is written in a universally valid way and reused for all manufacturers – in all languages! Each set of operating instructions adheres to a specified structure. The layout of the documentation is also identical.

Individual specifications and manufacturer-specific information remain possible within this concept, but do result in additional expenses. You decide here: As much individuality as necessary, as much standardization as possible.

Our procedure:

  • We have set up a powerful editorial environment for the information for pump operating instructions which we utilize for the operating instructions of all pump manufacturers.
  • Structure, design, phrasing patterns, requirements for preparing graphics, cross-product information, warnings and processes are defined once and are used for all participants in the ICC.
  • Texts which have been translated once are immediately available for all operating instructions using a powerful translation memory.
  • We analyze which standard contents that we already have available can be used and where we should use or prepare your specific information.
  • We organize the interface to you for successive cooperation.
  • We supply you with the necessary operating instructions in the PDF format.
  • We take care of all of the aspects concerning your operating instructions' conformity to the law and standards, e.g. modification of documentation-relevant standards and addition of special warnings.
  • On request we support you with additional individual services, from 3D animation to an electronic parts catalog.

Advantages for you:

  • Cost advantages over individual documentation preparation, especially when preparing documentation for new markets and languages
  • Top quality in all languages
  • Concentration on your core business
  • Relief of unrelated work for your developers and constructors
  • Reduction of your documentation-related product liability risks
  • Rapid availability of translations
  • Highest possible levels of independence and flexibility due to the import guarantee for your data into a format you can manage
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