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Documentation of technical products (Technical documentation)

Whether operating, assembly or service instructions, whether as a printed handbook, online help or an e-learning lesson – companies must achieve four core objectives with their technical documentation:

  • Time to market: The preparation of technical documentation must be organized and realized in such a way that it does not delay putting the technical products onto the market.
  • Conformity to the law and standards: Technical documentation must adhere to statutory standards and laws and prevent manufacturers from being held liable for application errors.
  • Comprehensibility: Technical documentation must describe how to handle the products in an understandable manner.
  • Cost efficiency: Short product lifecycles, a large number of variants, many languages, markets and target groups are evolving technical documentation more and more into a cost factor crucial to the budget which management must keep under control.

The weighting of these objectives varies from company to company depending on the respective product and its target markets.

With its broad range of services, TANNER has comprehensive content, process and system experience and can therefore support companies in each of these objectives.

We offer you …

  • … the reliability of a large service provider: Nearly 100 technical editors and graphic designers offer our customers the reliability of being able to complete orders during short-term peaks and voluminous major projects on time.
  • … the quality of optimally trained experts: All employees in our editorial departments possess not only editorial training but also have a technical, engineering, scientific or linguistic background. Therefore, you can expect technical knowledge about your products, the necessary experience to comprehend your needs quickly as well as relevant market know-how in all industries.
  • … measurable results with industrialization: We organize our cooperation with you into processes in which quality is measurable and traceable for you at all times. Following the model of industrialization, we have adapted production processes, methods and work-dividing processes for our services for this purpose. With this basis, we can implement a continuous improvement pro- cess regarding costs as well as consistent process and result quality for you.
  • … content and system competence from a single source: An important component of the industrialization in technical documentation is – following the standardization of content and process – the automation of those processes which can be automated. Well-established systems and software tools are available for this purpose, which our more than 50 system inte- grators and software developers in Germany and Vietnam are familiar with.
They support you from consultation and conception through customizing and implementation and all the way up to support.
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