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What Are E-Learnings Capable Of?

E-Learning or “electronically supported learning” stands for self-controlled, networked and location-independent learning. Classroom trainings do not become unnecessary, but can be reduced and complemented usefully. Every employee can hence work on training contents individually and locally-independent. Not only does this save time, travel and personnel costs, it also reduces the risk of additional costs.

On this page, we would like to show you our services in the area of E-Learning. Have a look at different customer projects, click through an E-Learning yourself and learn more about reasons for and benefits of an E-Learning.

From the training concept to multimedia contents or a complete E-Learning solution – when it comes to knowledge sharing concerning technical products, you can put your trust in our expertise.

For Whom We Work

Have a look at excerpts from three customer projects und get to know different formats of E-Learning. From marginal medial editing with cost-effective text-to-speech software to recordings with professional speaker all the way to a 3D-based E-Learning for an especially good user experience. We adapt costs and benefits to your needs.

Bürklin Assortment Training

Bürklin Elektronik is a wholesaler for electronic components and sells high-quality electronic parts for commercial as well as private customers. To make sure as many employees as possible are familiar with the physical and technical basics of the offered articles and know the product portfolio, Bürklin uses E-Learning courses to train them. The Bürklin catalogue with more than 75,000 products and a multitude of manufacturer information built the foundation for the implementation of the project. The E-Learning was designed for Articulate Studio and implemented with Presenter, Quizmaker and Engage. For this, the content was initially gathered in PowerPoint. The training contains a total of five and a half hours of material in 13 lessons and enables employees to independently and individually learn.

Click yourself through the Bürklin Assortment Training. (German Version)

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ZARGES Service-Lift-Operator-Training

The company ZARGES processes aluminum and is active in the field of access technology, logistics as well as special solutions for the industry (railway vehicles, aviation and wind power). For a service lift, which is mainly used in wind power systems, the TANNER AG has already created the operating instructions as well as a test plan with checklists. Since the lift also transports persons, specific aspects considering safety need to be taken into account during operation.
To communicate these, TANNER created an E-Learning lecture based on the existing documents. In order to minimize costs, these training contents were only slightly media-specifically edited. The operating instructions built the foundation; animations were created based on already existing graphics. The spoken text resulted from text-to-speech software meaning no expensive and time-consuming studio recordings had to be planned.

Click yourself through the ZARGES Operator-Training. (German Version)

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