C42: Intelligent software solution supports targeted technology communication

With C42 TANNER AG is launching a software-based solution that makes technical information accessible in a targeted manner. A demo can be requested at any time.

In the technology sector, target group-oriented digital information offerings have a strong impact on the user experience. There is no lack of usable content in industry, but there is a lack of technical options for making the wide range of information available in a user-friendly way. TANNER is presenting Content42, a software solution that was developed in-house for this purpose.

C42 learns what’s relevant
C42 captures content from various data sources, structures it and makes it available in the required form, e.g. as an online information portal. Based on artificial intelligence, the system learns which information is relevant and why. This allows a specific selection of information to be offered depending on the application or purpose.

Features for precise technology communication
The wide range of technical information can be used with little effort. Special features such as AI-supported navigation and context information that can be displayed ensure that users always receive exactly the information they need. The responsive design enables the comfortable use of C42 on all terminal devices. The informative analysis function allows optimisation potential in the offered information to be swiftly identified.

Effortless integration of data
In addition to the improved user experience, technology manufacturers especially benefit from the agile data integration enabled by C42. Popular file formats can be transferred to the system as they are, without being edited. C42 processes content from relevant desktop publishing tools, classic IT sources and modern structured formats. This includes data from MS Office and Adobe products, as well as ERP, HTML and XML data.

You can find further information about this intelligent software solution at www.c42.ai.
Or you can directly request a demo.

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