Whether for operating manuals, installation manuals or service manuals, whether they are available as printed manuals, on mobile terminals or as on-line help or animations: Here you will find descriptions of our most important services for your technical documentation.

Documentation and management of technical products

We help leading companies in different sectors create and maintain their technical documentation. As part of this, we fulfil the most varied requirements of our customers and devise the right strategies in conjunction with them:

Reducing turnaround times. Speeding up the creation of documentation from initial research to the distribution of localised documentation.

  • No delayed deliveries or payments due to inadequate documentation
  • No avoidable production downtime due to inadequate or not immediately available documentation
  • The faster the documentation creation process, the later it can be left before starting. The later it can be left to start, the higher the accuracy of the data used to put it together. The higher the accuracy of the information, the less it needs to be polished afterwards.
  • Faster turnaround times lead to improved performance and, as a result, fewer concurrent projects. This reduces complexity.

Compliance with the law and standards. Striking the right balance, but in an efficient way.

  • Compliance with the law and with standards does not give added value, however striking the right balance still needs to be recognised and achieved.
  • Professional and experienced handling of compliance with legal issues and standards reduces uncertainty, complexity and expense.
  • Making coherent decisions and correct documentation results in certainty when implementing requirements regarding standards.

Comprehensibility: thinking from the point of view of the recipient in terms of structure, content and medium.

  • Detailed understanding of the target group results in accurate decision-making at all steps in the documentation process.
  • Understandable documentation answers users’ questions. Being able to put oneself in the user’s specific situation is key to knowing the right questions to ask.
  • Recording information correctly so that the target group can access it in the preferred manner turns simple clarity into a benefit for the customer.

Cost efficiency. Measuring and systematically ensuring profitability for all relevant influential factors.

  • Establishing measurability for relevant cost drivers is the basis of continued, constantly evolving cost efficiency.
  • The appropriate use of standardisation methods, recycling into target languages and the automation of publication and processes lead to cost benefits and simultaneously keep complexity under control.
  • All methods are quantifiably aligned to complying with the customer’s quality requirements with regards to increases in customer satisfaction while at the same time reducing costs and turnaround times.

Quality and traceability. It’s not just a question of achieving quality in the final product; high process quality always pays off in the long run.

  • Traceable processes in the documentation process from the creation of to the management of large amounts of documents is not only a requirement for legal standards, it is also the basis for effective improvement.
  • Clear structures and processes allow fast access to existing content and documentation and considerable time savings, as well as a reduction in complexity.

We offer you...

... the dependability of a large, well-established service provider:
150 specialists offer our customers the guarantee that they will be able to deal with their projects, from temporary peaks in demand to a timely delivery of large projects.

... the quality of experts trained to the highest standards:
our co-workers are either technical writers with an engineering/technical background, or engineers/technicians with a background in technical writing who we employ in a targeted fashion. As a result we can familiarise ourselves quickly with your requirements, put ourselves in the user’s position and reduce complexity in your processes.

... measurable results thanks to industrialisation:
we organise the joint work we do with you into workflows which are both quantifiable and traceable at all times. To do this we have taken industrialisation standards and adapted their production methods, methodologies and work-sharing processes to our services. Together we can achieve a measurable basis for improving turnover times, costs and quality.

... “one-stop” content and system competence:
an important cornerstone of industrialisation in technical documentation is, alongside the standardisation of content and processes, suitable automation. Our comprehensive experience in introducing and operating document writing and management systems will provide you with the assurance that your processes, content and systems all work in synchronisation and that envisaged benefits can also be measured and complied with.

... less expense, risk and lower complexity with the help of operator models:
if requested by our customers, we can implement processes and systems on which we or our customers’ co-workers can work in conjunction.

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