Training manuals, software simulations, implementations, loading and updating data within Learning Management Systems. You can gain knowledge here which otherwise we would have to present in technical products training.

Training contents for technical products

From the training concept to multimedia contents up to a complete e-learning solution – when it is a matter of conveying knowledge about technical products, you can have confidence in our experience.

Making knowledge available quickly
Accurate understanding and the correct use of products, technology and applications are in the interest of the entire company:

  • Product management or technical documentation is responsible for the information and training of the product users.
  • Marketing emphasizes distributing product information internationally in a brand-consistent manner.
  • Service must guarantee first-class service by personnel trained consistently worldwide.
  • The management would like to make employees enthusiastic about the use of new technology and means of production.

What good product training achieves
As varied as the jobs are in the departments, the objectives our contractors pursue with innovate training methods and contents are just as diverse.

Five examples of what companies can achieve measurably with good training concepts and the right training contents:

  • They reduce warranty costs due to maintenance and repair errors.
  • They expand your service business with attractive training opportunities.
  • They emphasize your product advantages with customers using multimedia presentations.
  • They decrease travel and personnel costs with e-learning.
  • They increase the acceptance for less attractive topics such as occupational safety, and therefore decrease the risk of consequential costs.

Advantages of a partnership with TANNER

  • Our editors have a proven understanding of technology and can process your contents for the training context without a long period of preparation.
  • Customers for the development of training contents profit in many ways from the established methods and processes from technical documentation (standardization, modularization and reutilization).
  • We have continually supplemented our know-how about the editorial and multimedia reworking of technical product knowledge with didactic and conceptual training skills.
  • With our XML competence, we can also automate publication processes and translations in the area of e-learning.
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